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Mobile Application Development

Mobile is changing how we do business.
Our engineers have built the technical infrastructure for many solutions. From robust backend systems to custom hardware integration, their knowledge and experience allow us to tackle the most complex Mobile initiatives.

Cadre Systems has expertise building all flavors of Mobile applications::

  • • Native Applications for iPhones and iPads using iOS, Cocoa Touch and Objective C
  • • Cross Platform Applications using HTML5, Javascript and Phone Gap
  • • Responsive Web Sites that render quite well in any device, be it a laptop or your smart Phone

Cadre Systems's philosophy and dedication allows us to deliver value-driven software solutions characterized by

Users want better workflows, not more features, and that adoption and user satisfaction should be the primary success metrics for all Applications.The Agile approach that we use emphasizes immediate, incremental successes and the flexibility to adapt as the project progresses. This allows for greater collaboration within our teams and creates constant feedback loops for you to weigh in on the progress of your program.

Our Server/Backend Team works closely with the Frontend Team to ensures the Backend is not only robust and scalable, but makes sense to the end user..

We can make any experience beautiful, but what’s really important is that it runs smoothly and is a good representation of your brand. Our QA team runs exhaustive tests and fights for quality every step of the way.

Develop Beautiful Masterpiece.

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology.

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    A fantastic idea is the heartblood of any content product or project. Excitement around an idea is what sustains you through the long slog of creation.

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    Our outsourced product development model delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Lifecycle services.

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    You may not have whole departments of marketers and PR aficionados strategizing it for you, but you can plan a launch that will impress people.

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